About Us

You have an interest in debating but do not think your German is sufficient? You want to improve your speech and presenting skills? You have spare time left and want to engage in debates in a friendly environment? The Debattierclub Bamberg has all this!

Due to the COVID situation, we’ve moved to Discord for this semester and unfortunately don’t have regular English debates scheduled. However, if you’re interested, just visit us on Discord, we’d love to have some English debates on there as well!

We are a group of students from various faculties unified by our passion for speech and debate. We have up to two meetings a week where we engage in organized arguments over a broad variety of motions pulled from different fields of topic. These motions may either be political or historical, but also of social concern or philosophically influenced. In addition, we strive to have debates about non-serious topics.

We believe in the benefits of debating. Debating helps you to improve a palette of skills such as presenting, improvisation and rhetoric. Speaking freely without fear or hesitation as well as having a sense of structure when holding speeches is trained during our meetings; in addition, we seek to hone our argumentation in order to always have the high ground when it comes to disagreements.

Debating itself is an old academic tradition that stems from parliamentary culture. This is why our debates are organized by strict rules and norms in order to ensure that everyone is heard and has a chance to convince the audience.

If you are interested in debating or just to look by, be free to join us at one of our weekly meetings, either in German or English!